Sunday, April 15, 2012

What A Day!

Wow, I am exhausted, mentally & physically. I got up at 4:30 this morning in order to drive to Medicine Hat to compete in their agility trial.

The first course of the day was Starter's Standard with Kort. He did awesome, but took an off course, which in this case means he took a jump instead of the table. There are no mistakes in AAC agility, even at the Starters level, so he NQ'd. It was totally my fault, not only did I not notice this potential "trap", but I held my supporting arm up too long which actually made him take the jump. I won't make that mistake again.
Last year at the May Medicine Hat trial Kort started refusing to down on the table. I have no idea why as he had always done it perfectly. It was also a problem for us at the Oct. Training Troop trial, so much so that he would go over time as it took me so long to get him to down.
We went back to class where Amanda & Sarah helped me with some games to build value back up for the table. I have to tell you, when he dropped on that table this morning I just wanted to squish him I was soooo proud !!! He also aced his 12 weave poles !!

Next up was Snooker, I don't really understand Snooker, I have to admit :(
Amanda & Judy helped me to figure out a path to take. First up was Kort, he was amazing!! Right at the end I had him take a jump I shouldn't have, so we got the whistle. We got a Q anyway, & a 1st place in class, as he did get enough points, but I was so annoyed at myself as he was having such a great run! Next was Tate's turn. This was the only class I entered him in today. He was in 16" Veteran's. He had so much fun , galloping around, he was getting a bit tired as he had to do a tunnel 3 times in a row, he does not like the tunnels very much. Anyway, on the 2nd last obstacle I tried to get him to take the jump at too sharp of an angle which caused him to knock the bar, so he NQ'd :(

I came out of the ring upset, I have NEVER been able to hide my feelings. I look annoyed, then I get annoyed that I look annoyed! I have worked very hard on trying to change my negative attitude. today I just could not get it under control, I cried. I was mad at myself for being overweight & not being able to run quickly, or handle better. It does not help for people to tell me that it is not my fault, when I get like this I need to hide away until I can get a grip. I belong to the best agility club ever!!! Everyone supports each & they are right there to offer words of encouragement. The problem with that is I am not ready at first to hear "great run!" or "it's not your fault" I need to be alone , calm down & focus. So what ends up happening is that I snap at the people I care about, my team mates :(
I worry that I look annoyed at my dogs, when I really am annoyed with myself. Anyway, it's all I thought about on the way home today, should I quit competitive sports with my dogs? Seriously, I have thought about it before, I do not like myself when I get so down. I'm not quitting though, my dogs enjoy it too much, but I need to figure out something that I can do when I get like this.
Amanda ended up making me laugh however. I said if I could just loose weight I'd be able to run better with my dogs.....Amanda said, "but you'd still be old" hahahahahahaha! friggin funny ! Yes Amanda, you are right on that one!

Ok, enough wallowing in self up was Jumpers. Kort still had no Jumpers Q's, at times it was my fault, like missing half of the course , sometimes it was his fault, like gawking outside the ring & missing a jump....but that is all over! Kort Q'd yahooooooy!!!! He was the only Starters dog to Q, I am very proud of my Korty!

Well thanks for reading this incredibly long post, and thank you to all my GO!DOG!GO! team mates & instructors, you guys rock!!!!!!!!!!!!



That is a hard one. Our advice is you do it for the joy Kort and Tate get from doing agility with you. Points do not matter to them.

It is difficult to be happy with ourselves. Concentrate on the joy you give and less on perfection. You may get less ribbons but we think you will be happier. After all the collies are not in it for the ribbons, they are doing it for you.

Dog Speed,

Essex, Sherman & Dog Dad

Dianne SS said...

Amanda is so right about the being old part!! I should know--my knees just don't want to work well a lot of times and hurt! As to the get down on yourself, well that's part of what being human is about--we have expectations and get upset with ourselves even when we know we don't need to. And I agree with Dog Dad--we have to think like our dogs do. They just want to have fun and don't get upset if they miss jumps etc. You had a pretty good day over all--so great that Kort got his 1st Jumpers Q as well as the Snooker!!!

Dianne SS said...

That should read 'getting down"!

manymuddypaws said...

Both boys had great snooker runs Jo. I really don't think you should beat yourself up about it. Heck, Kort still Q'd.

Geez, I ran in 6 events and got no Q's. It's only agility- a game we play with our dogs because it's fun.

Agility is a mental game for sure, a positive attitude is the only way to approach it. I don't think you should quit, but I do think you need to reevaluate your goals, and what you want from your dogs, and yourself. Your goal should not be to Q, or to title- but to do the best you can. The best YOU can. Not anyone else. You.

I think you are a great handler, and your dogs are well trained. You do a great job- you just need to lighten up a bit. Maybe a drink or two before your run next time. ;)

Sorry I called you old. But it's kinda true. Weight or no weight I don't believe that your handling will change if you lose weight- the issues that both boys had in snooker today had nothing to do with how fast you were running. Kort was a handling issue, and Tate's was timing. Simple. Easy fixes.

That's my .02

You're awesome, you just need to start believing it.

Squishy said...

Good job Amanda!!! Too old!!! Hahaha!!!
So sorry about the bad attitude. I get the "Smile it's not that bad" shit from people all the time and I just seriously want to punch them then, because 99% of the time I feel GREAT. JERKS!! One person I did follow around the market telling me my horror neighbor dog killing my sheep story and he was sorry he said anything. He should have been.
You just keep training and trialling or being mad or not. Not every day is fun, nor every dog event. You rock regardless!!!

onecollie said...

Diana the problem I am having is that I don't like to be this way.It really does not matter if I Q,realy, I know I will at another trial. The problem is that my immediate reaction is to be annoyed at myself & I'm trying to figure out why I do that, why can't I just chill like everyone else??? It like, what is wrong with me, am I nuts :)

Squishy said...

You are not nuts and some people just really have a hard time initially with not doing well. I think you have to not be so hard on yourself about this and unless you go beat the crap out of your dogs because you're mad, which I know you wouldn't, let it just be the way you are and don't fight it so much. Maybe give yourself a time limit on how bad you feel, like 5 minutes and then get on with things. I have competed with people (and may I say, good friends) who just hate to lose and they are awful to be around. Better to give them time then they get over it. I have had times when I lose with certain dogs and it makes me mad, but eventually it passes. Better that your friends know you need a minute to not talk to anyone and just be upset. There are probably a whole lot of people who really aren't chilling and internalize it, for the detriment of their health. Does all that make sense. Not sure, but you are not nuts.

onecollie said...

yes that makes sense :)
thanks , good to know I'm not nuts lol!!