Sunday, May 26, 2013

Getting Healthy

Me & my cousin Ronnie on my 28th birthday, a much thinner me :)

I have fought being overweight my entire life.  In my 20's I lost a bunch of weight.  It was easy, I was young.  I looked great , I felt great, but I was always hungry.  It was horrible.  I have been on a diet of some sort  on & off all my life, I have been to a nutritionist, I have joined a gym, been to exercise classes.  When I turned 30 it became harder to keep the pounds off, 40 was worse, never mind turning 50! I finally decided enough was enough, dieting causes me anxiety, seriously ...I couldn't take the stress & pressure & that is what it felt like.  The pressure from people to keep going, keep trying, "but you look so good" they'd say.  All the time I just felt hungry & miserable :(
The weight has been creeping on for the past few years, especially around my middle.  This year I have felt worse then ever, like a slug.  An unhappy , fat slug. I still did not want to diet however , I just couldn't take it.

At the end of April I went to a Fibromyalgia information talk at the library.  It was put on by a chiropractor, I blogged about it.  I decided I should actually see a chiropractor, do something for myself. I have been going for a month, I can't say I feel any better .....yet.  It took me 50 yrs to get my spine this way, improvement won't be fast.  Today my lower back is really sore, like I  want to cry if I bend over sore. It sucks.

Anyway, earlier in the month Liz & I travelled to Medicine Hat together.  She mentioned that she & her husband started on this eating program that was proven to reduce inflammation in the body. I was intrigued as Liz said it has helped Andy with his sore back.  I researched it more & I liked what I read.  I thought to myself that I was already going to a chiropractor , so why not go a step further & see if healthy eating could also help.  I decided to give it a month, what could it hurt, & I can do anything for  a month.

You probably have figured it out, but I am following the Wheat Belly book.  You remove all grains & wheat from your diet.  I was shocked to learn where wheat is hiding, in salad dressing & licorice for instance.

I have been on it pretty strictly for 2 weeks now.  I have cheated occasionally & felt crappy, really crappy!  I can tell you I am not all!  I feel comfortable all the time, is this what normal people feel like? It is amazing to not be hungry, to always be wanting to eat.

I plan to stick with it, as long as I can anyway, no pressure on myself.  I stopped weighing myself years ago & don't plan on it now.  I will know if I have lost any weight according to how my clothes feel.

I am excited & feel better then I have in a very long time, in any case it won't hurt me to eat healthy for awhile.


Squishy said...

"Normal people" feel like shit too because poor eating is a way of life for a lot of people, even if they look like they eat good. Good for you on trying this and hopefully sticking with it. Also, some chiropractors will suggest diets, ie, what you are doing as getting better nutrition will help your body "retain" the adjustment that you receive. It's hard for the body to stay in place without good nutrition. We are so complex and we do so many things to make our lives hard. Keep it up and don't beat yourself up for regressing. It's how quickly you get back with the good food that counts. All the food you need to not eat is very, very addicting. And that's how these companies stay in business.


Good for you. We look forward to reading about your good health.

Essex & Sherman