Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Lions Dog Guide Walk

Me, Kort & Perkins relaxing. We saw Mac there, he goes to the Daycare where I work :)

Every year the Lions Club puts a walk on at a local park to raise money for Dog Guides. It was held this past Saturday the 25th.

The whole crew, Pixel, Perkins, Kort, Vito & Wicca

Our kennel club donates to it as well as my place of employment, Paws On The Run.
This year I took Kort & Perkins for the walk & was joined by Amanda & 3 of her dogs.
It was lots of fun & a gorgeous day as well.


Squishy said...

Aawwwwhhhh.....did Taters stay home?

WigglyZack said...

I missed it this year. Glad you guys had fun for a great cause

onecollie said...

Yeah Tate stayed home, it was too hard too have 3 dogs on the walk, it was hot & kind of a long walk for him

Dianne SS said...

Great cause and lots of great doggies out to support it!!