Thursday, May 9, 2013

Spring Training

Spring has finally decided to make an appearance :)

Our obedience class has been moved outside now, it is wonderful to be outside working !  It is also great for distractions for the dogs, lots of things to take their minds off of working :)
At our class on Tues. night Kort worked extremely well.  I have to say that he is getting much better knowing that I expect him to work, no gawking at other dogs or handlers.  It is awesome to be working with a dog who likes to work for me, even with all our challenges Kort has always tried his best.  He enjoys being with me & I think it shows.

On Wed. nights we have Agility class, we were off for 10 months so are trying to get back into shape...ok, am trying to get back into shape :)  Last night we worked on weave pole entries.  Kort is awesome when weaving with the poles my my left, but if the poles are on my right he misses the entry & has trouble popping out.  We worked on discrimination between two obstacles close together, threadles, & serpentines. Kort is doing well with serpentines, probably because my timing in better, I still have timing issues with the threadles but made some progress.

I am really busy, between training in 3 dog sports & then competing in the 3 venues as well.
This Sat. I am driving to Medicine Hat for the day to watch the Dog Show.
Then next weekend I am attending a 3 day Tracking seminar in Red Deer put on by Donna, my tracking instructor from Thunder Bay!!

Life would be pretty boring without my dogs!

Amanda took some pictures at our Obedience class on Tues. night.....

Calling into heel from a distance

In a sit stay

Beautiful Attention!


Collie222 said...

Dogs make us happy, give us love and companionship, and give us fun hobbies! :)

Squishy said...

Nice pics of Kort! You are very busy!! LIfe would be pretty boring without our dogs, though I think we'd find something to do but dogs make the world go 'round for us! The are God spelled backwards of course!!! Have fun at Medicine Hat & take lots of photos! Oxoxo!!

Dianne SS said...

So much to do, too short a summer!! Have fun with it all!!