Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Catching Up

I am home now from my visit with Joanne, it was a brutal flight with a lot of turbulence the closer I got to Calgary.  I wont feel like flying for a long time now! 
My visit with Joanne was a good one, she had many days where her pain was bearable and we were able to go out to a few places like Vanderwees Greenhouse.  I used to take my mom there for a day of shopping and then we would have lunch.  That is what Joanne, Jane , Wendy and I did.  It was a great day and Joanne was able to enjoy herself  as we had her wheel chair so she didn't have to walk.

Getting things caught up at home always sucks, I spent all day yesterday cleaning and doing laundry.  The dogs are back home and getting used to my routine again. 

Here are a couple of pictures from our day at Vanderwees.....

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