Sunday, March 27, 2016

Trial or Not?

I've been trying to decide if I should enter Lync in a rally trial here in May.  We have been training in obedience since Lync was a puppy but I am still not sure we should enter a ring situation.  He understands what is asked of  him while on leash but will he in a trial situation I'm not sure. 
We haven't had any opportunity to enter matches yet, something I would like to do before making my decision. I have a month to decide anyway so will just keep going to classes until then.  We tried off leash heeling last week and he was lost, stopped heeling with me actually, lots of sniffing and lagging so that is what is having me question entering.  I don't want to enter for the sake of seeing where he is at, I think that would be a mistake and set us both back.  I want to make sure I have confidence in both of us before.  Lots to think about !

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