Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tate's Visit To The Edmonton Holistic Vet Clinic

Since I knew I would be in Sherwood Park in Sept. I looked on the internet & found a really good holistic clinic to take Tate to. This clinic does acupuncture as well as chiropractic work on dogs & people. I have never liked to over do shots & medications, except for the puppy series, & if I can do something naturally I will. Tate has been slowing down due to his arthritis, so I thought this might help.
The visit was an hour long & boy do they take a detailed assessment of your dog! The vet I had, Dr. Veronica Devall, was not convinced Tate had arthritis in both elbows & both wrists like I had been told. She said that without an x-ray she couldn't say for sure. She did feel arthritis in his left elbow for sure though. Tate also seems to be loosing muscle mass in his rear....Dr. Devall wondered if it was a side effect from being infected with the lymes bacteria a year ago.
Tate ended up having his neck adjusted both front & back, & his spine & pelvis as well. He had acupuncture done in 4 help with any pain he may be feeling & to help increase his appetite. He has lost 8 Ilbs since April.
I was sent home with some exercises to do on him & some natural supplements...the supplements really seem to be helping his appetite, he is eating much better & he does seem to have more energy...
All & all I enjoyed the visit & hopefully I have done something to help my Tate feel better. I was also happy to know that Dr. Devall is going to be practicing in Calgary in Nov. so I can go back for a follow up.
Here are some pictures of my couch potato at Debra's having to share his comfy space with Brad, Aaron & Shane!


jurneecollie said...

Glad to see Tate did so well at the Holistic Clinic...nice if it could be continueious. Keeper had the acupuncture done as well...did not work so great for him. Funny how it works for some and not others. Michelle had it done and it worked wonders.

Deb said...

he really is a "couch potato"!!!

Martin Mozart said...

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William Walker said...

What vet in Edmonton did you go to? I am visiting and I need to take my dog to the vet. Any suggestions?

Martin Wang said...

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