Sunday, September 6, 2015

Ash is 8 months!

8 months watching birds

Yesterday Ash turned 8 months old! Hard to believe isn't it!!  I find I don't write much about him as he isn't in any classes or anything.  I did take him to one puppy class and he was doing pretty well, but I am doing most of his training at home.

Having 3 dogs that are active and demanding of your attention is hard, with 2 dogs everything is easier from walking to putting crates in the van.  It is hard to configure 3 crates in the van and even harder to walk 3 dogs that vary in speed while walking, as well as having different needs while walking.  Ash is a zig zagger, he runs and dashes left and right all over the place, Lync pulls unless he is walking alone , then he is an angel, and Kort is perfect until he gets tired then he walks behind me , that presents its own challenges.

Even though I find it difficult with the 3 dogs rather then 2 I wouldn't change a thing, Ash is a kissy sweetheart and I am blessed to have him .

8 months, not groomed

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Hope you had a pawtastic day.

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