Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Holiday Monday

Yesterday Judy and I met up with Nicole and Lloyd who drove up from Medicine Hat to visit.  They are doing research on their next dog and the Flatcoat is on their list.  They have always had Springers and English Cockers so a Flatcoat would be quite a change, for one they are much bigger, and 2 they have a tail, and the tail never stops wagging! 

We went for a nice walk in the coulees , Kort and Ash came along as well, then we did some training .

Lloyd with Lync

The whole gang

When the walk was over we went to a little field to show our training, we did singles first, that is where the thrower just throws one bumper and we send our dog immediately to pick it up, pretty easy, they have to bring it in and sit at our side while holding the bumper

After everyone had a chance to do a single we tried a double, Lync is just learning the double.  The thrower throws one bumper, the dog has to mark where it lands and remember as then the thrower turns and throws a second bumper.  The second bumper is picked up first, then we send for the second bumper that hopefully the dog has marked and remembered where it has fallen, Lync aced it, such a good boy!

Marking the bumper
The send
And we're off!
Returning with the memory bumper, good boy!!
I never thought I would enjoy field work as much as I do but I just love it, it is fun and challenging and Lync loves it as well!!

My boy and I :)
A good way to spend the holiday !

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