Tuesday, September 15, 2015

First Track

This morning Kort and I went out and tracked, well he tracked a straight line of 50 paces lol.  We haven't been out for close to 2 years as I just couldn't get myself committed to going.
Recently a friend asked if anyone was interested in tracking with her and I jumped at the chance to have someone to go out with once again.  The next thing we knew many others said they wanted to get involved and learn how to track their dogs, so we formed a little group .

Last night was our club meeting so we thought it would be a great time to get together before the meeting, seeing as it was at the College that's where we went.   It was pouring rain so I left Kort at home thinking I would help those that needed help to get their dogs started.  By the time we got to the College the rain had stopped, perfect weather for tracking!!

This morning the grass was still nice and moist so the conditions were ideal again.  As soon as I put Kort's harness on he started whining, he knew we were going tracking.  I let him follow my steps to the scent pad, once he got there he didn't even notice the food on the pad, he just stared straight ahead, he knew there was a track there.  I put my hand down to show him the pad and a light bulb went off, he carried on going from step to step .
I had food in every step for about half way, then every 2nd or third, before the end of the track I didn't put any food down at all so he had to track about the last 4 steps to find the jackpot.  I was very pleased with how he pulled into the harness never once raising his head up from the task at hand.

Now hopefully I will go at least twice a week, I will eventually be aging the tracks and adding distance and turns but today was all about building up his confidence again and I think I achieved that!

Here's our track from this morning......


Dianne SS said...

Excellent job Kort and Jolene!! Hope you can keep getting out there to track!

Anonymous said...

You may not know it but you inspire me to get out and do things with my dogs. I, like many, have depression and anxiety and it makes doing anything a huge deal, not working doesn't help either. I also have an older smooth collie who is 13.5. And like you I have 2 middle dogs, 7 and 5, Border collies, and a 7 month old smooth male. But now that the weather is cooler I too am out tracking with the pup and the 5 yo. I am hoping to get those 2 boys TDI tested and certified as therapy dogs so they can spread the joy that they give me. It's a hard row to hoe but I guess it all starts with getting dressed and walking out that door. Thank you for the video, made my day.


Pawsome. We are so glad to found somebody to track with. We don't quite the open spaces to do tracking in Key West, but we think it is a pawsome thing to do.

Sherman, Gemini & Dog Dad

onecollie said...

Anonymous.....I have never inspired anyone before, thank you for letting me know!
Some days I just cant get myself out of the house, but I force myself to do it. i say things like" I will just go around the block" then when I am out if I feel good I walk longer, |I almost always feel good so we walk longer. Now that I have started tracking with a friend i will continue.
Right now I will go out once a week alone then once with my partner. If I am having a good day I will go out a 3rd day to practice.
I hope today is a good day for you and you go out, just around the block, give it a try!
I hope you keep reading my posts!