Thursday, September 24, 2015

Field Training

Yesterday Judy and I headed out to Keho Lake for a walk and some field training with our dogs.  We had 7 dogs in total and they had a blast!  We have been so lucky that the weather has been very warm for our first few days of fall !

I decided it was time to begin the off leash portion of our training.  The next level Lync will be competing at is the WCI , or Working Certificate Intermediate.  It is done all off leash and you need to have total control over your dog while he is off leash. This means walking up to the start and the dog cannot break and go for the birds until told to do so, easier said then done!! Flatcoats are so exuberant, and they love doing the fetching of the birds, so you really have to work at having them not break as it would be a failure in a test.

 I took Lync from the van, asked him to heel and he heeled with me to the start and sat when I stopped, when  the first bumper was thrown it was too close to Judy so she had to re throw it, Lync broke and started off for the bumper, I gave him firm NO! and he stopped dead in his tracks and sat back down, good boy!! After that he was right on, only going when he was told,  I am so loving the field training!

Heres a short clip , it is a bit shaky as I was videoing and giving commands at the same time lol

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manymuddypaws said...

He looks great!!! Glad you are having fun with it!