Sunday, September 20, 2015

Happy Birthday to Me

Well it's arrived, my 55th birthday, even though I feel like 30 in my head, my body feels 55.   Maybe I can get senior discounts now!
I spent the day alone except for the dogs, , I opened the 2 cards I had and read my birthday wishes on Facebook.  It just isnt the same , its like no big deal anymore.
I took the dogs out to Keho Lake for a run , video follows the post, I had to add music as the wind was horrible sounding.  Bought a bottle of wine as requested by my sister in law who tucked 20 dollars into my card, then came home and poured myself a glass.  Brad woke up ready for work at about 3, we chatted a bit and then he left, I ate my birthday pie for supper with my wine ., the wine was good, the pie was gross, that'll teach me,  anyway I figured I could eat anything I wanted on my Birthday so I did.
So that's about it, one more Birthday come and gone.

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manymuddypaws said...

I'm sorry I wasn't here for your Birthday! I promised you lunch- when you get back we will do something!