Saturday, September 19, 2015

Pre Birthday

Tomorrow is my birthday, I'll be 55, my husband is working so I'll have the day to myself.
I don't want my birthday to come, it reminds me of the fact that there will be no card from my mom, no phone call from her really early in the morning, waking me up with her voice saying, " I always forget you're 2 hours behind"  It's a reminder that my cousin Judy died at the age of 42 on my Birthday .

I will try to do smething nice for myself, I've been thinking of going to the church around the corner from me , it scares me to go alone though, I shouldnt be scared, its just Church, but lately I have been feeling a pull to attend, to go back to my Faith.

I was on Facebook this morning and a random " game " came up, it was "what message does Jesus have for you", not even kidding, So I thought what the heck and clicked on it

Heres the message....

What you have lost -he has found
In him you find what you love and that which is eternally connected to you,
what his hand revels.

Maybe I will go to Church.,..


WigglyZack said...

Happy Birthday. I would do what feels right for you and what comforts you when you have lost so many loved ones. Take care and have a good day.

Dianne SS said...

That seems like a pretty relevant message! ((HUGS)) for your birthday and every day!