Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Ash at 9 months

pictured at 8.5 months
Ash is quickly maturing into a nice boy.  He has a gorgeous head and muzzle, his ears are doing well but I still keep them glued to insure they stay that way.  He has a solid topline, a lovely long neck, and is balanced in front and rear.  I am taking him to two shows the beginning of November, one being our local show that we have just once a year.  It is also a Collie/Sheltie booster so that will be extra fun.!  He has a solid temperament but this will be the first time I have showed him indoors, I am expecting him to be quite excited so I better get to the shows early so he has time to settle down and relax.  It is so much fun having a puppy to show again! 

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Dianne SS said...

I'm sure he will do well!!