Monday, October 12, 2015


I arrived home from Edmonton at 5 pm last night, I have 3 huge boxes of stuff from my mom's house sitting here, I dont wasnt to go through them yet,  It is just so painful, my heart hurts so bad.  Everything I get smells like her, I hope we are doing the right thing, selling her house I mean, but what else were we to do? It make me think of one day when I pass away, people going through my things, giving them away, dividing everything up, it makes me ill to think about it. I try to keep as little as possible so it wont be the job that we are having to go through with moms things.
I know mom is in a better place free from pain, but I am selfish and want her back, I want to call her up and say Happy Thanksgiving.

My grief counseling starts on Oct 20th, to my surprise it is a group of all older people, I thought I would be the oldest, apparently not.  I guess you are never too old to grieve for your mom :(



Sigh, it is tough to let people and dogs go. I miss both my parents and the collies that have crossed the bridge. When my parents left they were shells of themselves. I was okay with letting those shells go.

I am sure your Mom would want you to smile and think of the good times. Smell your Mom, and think of her kind words and encouragement.

Dog Dad

onecollie said...

thank you Dog Dad