Saturday, October 24, 2015


I've been tracking with Kort for a month, and just started Lync, going out this morning , there is a light frost on the ground which is perfect for laying a track, video to follow :)

Wouldnt you know it but my video camera had issues yesterday, I was so disappointed as I had someone willing to video for me to, we used her i phone but I was unable to download all of the track :(

For Kort I did a track with 3 corners, I used food on the corner and he nailed each one, then I use food drops of about every 10 steps otherwise.  I am thinking of stopping the food but using more articles as his tracking is stop and start and circling for the food, not just straight ahead pulling, I'm ready to roll for next time and hopefully the camera issues will be resolved.  Korts track aged for an hour before I actually ran it so he was a good boy!

For Lync I just did a straight track with food in every step for about the first 10 , then after that about every 3rd, this is his 2nd ever track only and his tail wagged the entire time, I think he enjoys this !! Lyncs track was 50 steps and aged for 40 minutes so I was very pleased with how he handled his too!

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