Saturday, October 3, 2015

Day Two

Well I arrived in Edmonton at supper time last night, Debras dogs & cats were very happy to see me and mine were happy to get out of the van, they really are great travelers though.  I got the 6 dogs and 3 cats calmed down the got them all fed, and put outside, then it was time for me to have a glass of wine! 
Unfortunately it was pouring rain and super windy and cold when I arrived so I didn't walk my dogs. Today is better, its cold and windy but its not raining.

I woke up super early this morning , like 5:45, so I will hopefully go to bed  bit earlier tonight.  I am still trying to get a routine for myself as well as for feeding everyone, and where to feed everyone!  By the time we are all settled in it and have it all figured out it will probably be time to come home lol

At any rate I am enjoying the dogs and the change of scenery and we are having a good time.

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