Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Day 5

Today is Day 5 caring for my sisters pets and home as she takes care of moms personal belongings back in Thunder Bay.  I am a bit homesick and ready to go home but still have 4 more days here.  While I love her dogs I still miss my own house and my social life, as small as it was, I still miss it .  At least at home I could go out and do classes with my dogs , or training, club meetings etc.  Plus it is hard to not have anyone to talk to for days and days, it makes for very long boring days.

Today I went out walking with the dogs, even though I wasn't going to walk all 3 together, the walk I take is almost an hour and I am not doing that twice, I just lack the energy to do it,  Today I made sure I had Lync harnessed up pretty well so there was less pulling.  I didn't let any of them go off the sidewalk and sniff, they had one pee and that was it, I was lucky today that I only passed one person walking a dog.  I went waaaaay off the walking path and that did the trick, no crazy barking dogs.  When I get home it will be a different story, I will do 2 walks , or if I am not able I will have someone come to walk Lync.  I am sure I can manage though.  Lync is much better walking on his own without the other dogs so I will do that, take him alone and then the 2 collies together.

If my knees werent so bad I could get my bike out but soon it will be snowing and that will be impossible too.

Anyway tomorrow I might go out to a couple of pet shops in the area , that should be fun.  Well that's about it for now!

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Dianne SS said...

Day 6 should provide a little more activity and fun!!!???? Eh??? :)