Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Kort, 3 weeks later!

When I first posted the picture of Kort in his favourite sleeping spot , it was exactly 3 weeks ago.....at that time my friend Donna suggested that I continue to take pictures there so I can see how fast Kort is growing...I didn't realize how much he has grown until I compared the picture from 3 weeks ago, at 8 weeks, and the one I took tonight, at 11 weeks!
July 2nd 08.........
July 22 08........
Do you think I'll have to buy a new tv. stand for him soon?? !!!
So I know I haven't posted about Tate much lately, but rest assured he is still the spoiled & very much loved top dog the house. The problem is, Tate hates having his picture taken!! I don't even have a nice one of the two of us , & he's 6 yrs old!! I am hoping that at some point Wendy & I will get together to take a couple.
Tate still avoids Kort, but when Kort is asleep, I have seen Tate sneak over to sniff Kort, so I know he's interested in this little brown bundle, however, I think that Tate would have rather that I brought home Dave's chickens!! Tate loves chickens! & as you can see by the pictures, the chickens took a fancy to Tate too!

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Paws on the Run said...

Wow! What a difference. And we thought he wasn't growing!!!!