Wednesday, July 30, 2008

No More Mister Nice Guy!

Don't let that innocent face fool you!......there lurks a devilish side to Tate!
Tate is what I would call "perfect" & by that I mean he has never done anything wrong...ever...even as a puppy. He didn't chew, he didn't mess in the house, well maybe a couple of times!, he doesn't steal food, even if there is a plate left right in front of, you get my drift.
In the last 2 days I have noticed some missing food items.....
Yesterday I gave the dogs one of those hard milk bone-chew a lots...Kort licked all the good stuff off, then I put the rest of it on top of his giant kennel in the living room, thinking he could have the rest when we got home from work.....but, it was missing when I got home. I just thought I put it somewhere else & had forgotten where. This morning I made Tate's breakfast, & had his joint medication on the kitchen table. The joint medication is a liver flavoured soft chew.....anyway, I was taking Kort outside, so I put down Tate's breakfast.....when we came back in Tate had eaten his breakfast, & that soft chew was missing!!! It took me a minute to realize that Tate must have stolen it off of the table!.....then I put 2 & 2 together & figured out he must have stolen the milk bone yesterday too!
I think having Kort in the house has put a little "attitude" into my Tate!
Good for you Tate, now if you would just tell Kort off when he's hanging from your tail!

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Debra said...

that is hilarious!!!!!
You better watch that l'il sneakey pete...