Sunday, July 27, 2008

What a Great Weekend!

I had so much fun this weekend, yesterday I went the the herding trials, & this afternoon I drove to Fort McLeod to meet up with Marilyn Clayton & her smooth collie Zephyr. Marilyn in on a campaign trail right now & competeing in multiple venues with Zephyr. She gave me a call to say she would be travelling through & suggested we meet up. We have never met before, only chatted through e-mails. She was as wonderful in person as I thought she would be, & Zephyr was just as I had imagined. What an athlete this dog is, he is 5 yrs old, 1 year younger then Tate, & I'll tell you he looks like he's 1. He is in top condition, & the muscles!!!
Zephyr is my doggy hero!!, he is multi titled on both sides of the border, in conformation, as well as performance...this dog does it all, even carting! He is the only collie with a draft dog title.
We got the dogs all together for a meet & greet & they all got along great! We went for a nice long walk, even Kort kept up with the big boys!, & then we stopped for a photo shoot before going off for are 3 of my favourites.
Marilyn with the dogs.....Tate co-operated for this one & put his ears up!.....
This is Zephyr & Kort, Kort has his paw across Zephyr's!! I think Zephyr is his hero too!
And of coarse Tate & Zephyr, Tate was back to his usual, ears back, hateing having his picture taken look!!..... By the way, today Kort is 12 weeks old!


Sarah said...

HEY that is Zephyr! He lives with Lindy the flat-coat (Rod Deacon) (out of Liz's breeding - Lindy is Tinbie's sister), I thought I recognized that dog!!!!

onecollie said...

Yes!!! Marilyn mentioned the flat coat & i thought I recognized the breeders name! Small world huh?

Paws on the Run said...

Sounds like you had a busy weekend!

How in the world did you get Kort to sit still for those photos! He must know stay better than Lacey already. :)

onecollie said...

cool huh!!!
I'd like to say he knows stay, however, he was just pooped out after actually walking the entire distance that we walked the big guys!!! That's the trick!