Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Oh Happy Day!

After 2 months of waiting & back ordering, Kort's new bowl set arrived! He had been using my old bowls from my very first collie Ben.......yes, I still had them! The stand had to be thrown out as it was so rusty, so his bowls were just at ground level. I prefer my dogs to eat from raised bowls. When Kort arrived at the end of June, he couldn't even reach into Tate's, & now he can! He was very excited to try his own out this morning, & now he feels all grown up, just like big brother Tate!
Tate's Eating Area......
Kort's Eating Area......

He looks like such a big boy now!

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Donna said...

Jolene, how about showing us a picture of your ornament collection! I can see it in the background.