Thursday, December 12, 2013

3 weeks

Well it's been 3 weeks since my accident, I think it is time for my daily progress reports to end after today :)  I am still needing pain medication but mainly in the morning after not taking any all night long.  I can now go most of the day without!  I probably take it every 6 hrs instead of every 4 now.   I am still very limited to what I can do without pain, but I do see a light at the end of the tunnel at least, so hurray for that!!

I will be doing Lync posts after Sunday, man could it finally be happening?? Is my puppy finally going to be here?? It can't come soon enough :)

Yesterday was a trying day, it was spent waiting.

Waiting on the phone to talk to AMA, waiting for the tow truck to take Old Blue to the garage, it finally arrived after 5 hrs.
Waiting for my insurance adjuster to call, which he never did.  :(

My fancy rental

 Waiting for Enterprise to send someone to pick Brad & I up to get our rental, which we now have, but I'm not sure I can drive it, it is so fancy & new & has too many gadgets lol! The brakes are extremely touchy & if I barely even touch them I jerk forward, that will take time to get used too !

Waiting for the garage to tell us what is wrong with Old Blue......answer, the fuel pump is gone, cost, $800 to fix, and $113 to find that out :(
We can't afford it, any of it, right now we are waiting for AMA again to come & tow the Oldsmobile to the garage as we have to put a starter in it.  That is $250 plus taxes, it has 4 bald tires so we need to buy at least 2 winter tires for it,  Brad drives 1 hour each way to work, he must have tires that are safe.
So right now we are just trying to figure out how to carry on, how to do all this.  My adjuster won't call me back so I have no idea how much they are giving us for Johnny, I don't understand how callous & uncaring this guy is being, we just feel a bit desperate right now as you can imagine.

We also just talked to Rick who is "supposed" to be working on my van.  He has stopped working on it . He had offered for us to make payments to him, but because of that he has put our van on hold & is working on someone elses car as he needs money.  I understand that , completely, but I am just worn out,  tired of all this bullshit.  Like I said earlier if the adjuster would just call & give us some answers, let us know how much money I am getting , I could tell Rick how much money I can give him.  I only have this rental for maybe 3 weeks, if my van is not done by then that's it, back to being without wheels.

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