Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Day 13

Frustrated is the word for today.

I am frustrated that I can't do anything for myself without taking forever or being in pain.  I've had enough already, I want to be better!! 
I hate my house not being clean, so I cleaned it, I dusted, I cleaned my bathroom, & I vacuumed again.  I know I shouldn't have, probably making things worse, but I can't just sit on my ass day after day doing nothing , it's just not me.  I took my time & didn't stretch too much, but I have to admit, NOW it hurts alot , especially if I hiccup, which I have been having tons of since the accident!!! I hate the hiccups, they hurt my chest, like alot :(

 I wish we didn't get this stupid snow.  It is so cold out & it is hard for Tate to trudge through the drifts in the yard to go to the bathroom.  Brad did go out & shovel a path for him this morning so I feel better now.  Kort just goes outside , does what he needs to right away, & hes back in.  Tate has always taken forever to do anything.  He walks back & forth, back and forth , I'd say at least 20 times before he goes, totally serious!! I have to watch him out the window because by the time he does go he has forgotten to pee, he comes to the door & I have to say "go pee Tate"  back he goes to walk back & forth until he finds the perfect spot & position to go, ugh, meanwhile his feet are freezing , sucks to see him old.

I know I know, another negative post , but you try being house bound & not do anything for 2 weeks, see how long you can last  haha!

Good news .. Brad & I have decided on Dec 16th to bring Lync here permanently!! That will give me just under 2 weeks to feel even better.  It will be one week before Christmas so hopefully we will be in a routine before the big day.  Brad is working all through Christmas so I don't think we will put up a tree this year.  I will decorate the house with lights & stuff so it will look festive.  It will be just fine.  I can't believe it is almost Christmas anyway.  I have done no shopping & I am not driving so it is kind of hard right now.  I hope to get a rental in a couple of weeks though, who knows, maybe my van will even be ready ???? 


Dianne SS said...

Hiccups eh? I wonder why that is? Sorry you hurt more--but I'm sure the house looks 100% now!!

I'm so over winter already--and it's not even officially winter yet. It's hard for me to do all this shovelling too--my heart rate is up, despite the medication :(

It's not only older dogs who forget what they are out there for. Lanny is such a scatter brain, that he'll wander around--dum de dum-then either I have to holler to remind him to go do his business, or he suddenly hears Nature calling and off he goes at high speed. He's a hoot! Duffy is all business--purposefully walks to the business place, gets it done, and back in.

A loaner would be great--would help you feel not so cut off from the world and able to get some stuff done.

Having Lync part of the household for good will help you feel better!! ♥

onecollie said...

I am wondering if the hiccups are due to the broken sternum???? all I know is it hurts like hell when I do!!

Duffy & Kort are exactly the same, outside & get her done! smart boys!

Tate doesn't have the nickname of Eeyore for nothing lol!

Diana said...

Hiccups could be caused by gastic irritation. Since you are having to take pain medication which may irritate your stomach. Make sure you eat before taking the medication. You may want to call the doctor if they happen everyday.

WigglyZack said...

It must be hard to "be still" when you are so used to be "on the go" Hopefully the hiccups will settle down for you. It's great you are getting Lync soon he will be the "link" to your speedy recovery.

onecollie said...

interesting, I will look into that, thanks!

Squishy said...

What a draggggggggggggggg.............I don't envy you or Taters. It will get better truly! And how cool to have a Lync Comes Home Date!! This. Too. Shall. Pass. Oxoxo!!!