Thursday, December 19, 2013


I love this picture of Joanne & Dad ♥

A different direction today.  I want to talk about my sister Joanne again.

As you know she is home now from the hospital after her surgery.  I talked to my mom yesterday and got more details.  I knew she was having a mass in her back removed, one that was breaking bones.  What I didn't know was they had to remove a rib to get at the mass, then they had to put a steel plate in her spine and use a cement type substance to stabilize everything.  The mass was cancer , but thankfully not one of the more aggressive ones.  They did radiation while she was under anesthetic.
She is waiting on results of the scan in her chest, then will get radiation & more chemo for that.
She is still in alot of pain, I can only imagine.  It's all so sad, she has always had such a zest for life, always popular with everyone, she had a ton of friends when she was younger, still does.  Kids love her!! She is the favourite aunt to my nieces & nephew. 
I have comfort in the fact the Drs told Jane that she has years still left of life, she will not die of old age however, the cancer will get her before that, but she still has time to do everything she has ever dreamed of doing , love that girl ♥


Dianne SS said...

I am so sorry your sister is going through this--it just isn't fair. Some consolation that she has time yet. It's kind of spooky that you had an accident that broke a rib and caused great pain in your torso. Continued positive thoughts and prayers for Joanne and for all of you ((HUGS))

onecollie said...

thank you Dianne, you also are going through crap, for that I am also sorry :(
We will just keep on keeping on I guess :)

Squishy said...

Somehow I thought doctors were counseled against telling someone when they will die. They have no idea. Only God knows and your sister can live a very long life. Regardless, thank you for keeping us informed and I just said another prayer for her.

onecollie said...

thank you Diana, I am glad Joanne's doctors are being honest with us, much better then false hope :(

Dianne SS said...

That's all we can do isn't it?

Diana said...

Thoughts to your family. Your sister sounds like a wonderful person.