Monday, December 23, 2013

So This Is Christmas

Hmmmm, I am not in the spirit of Christmas this year, not even a teeny bit.  Sure I've been going through the motions of replying Merry Christmas back to those that say it,  When the grocery store cashiers ask if I'm ready for Christmas, I reply, oh yes!!

In truth I don't even have a tree, a first for me.  I  love Christmas.  I love the way people are happier & caring, it's just too overwhelming this year, to do all the stuff I usually do so close to the day.  I might go out & look for a little tree that can sit on my dog crate or something.

I have lots to be joyful for this Christmas, I finally have Lync!!! Tate is here for another Christmas, hurray!! I didn't die in my car accident, that's a good one;)  but there's just alot of stuff in the background that is dampening my joy this year. I'll get through it, I have invited Amanda over for supper on Christmas Eve, Brad will be home around 8 from work, so he can join us in a nice meal. Amanda & I will have fun doing crafts & listening to Christmas music :)
Brad has Christmas day off then back to work on Boxing day.  We have no presents for each other, the first time in 20 years.  It's sad, but what can you do?  when you have 2 vehicles break down & a third become a write off , there is no money left anyway, so no presents it was.

The dogs aren't bathed for the first time since I've had them, it bothers me alot.   I finally asked Amanda & Julia to help me out this weekend, at least they will be handsome for New Years :)

Well I'm going to get myself going, still have some last minute things to pick up at the grocery store for tomorrow, as well as for supper tonight.

Unrelated to Christmas, Lync is fitting in just fine,he is a character for sure.  I love his brave outgoing  personality.  He is learning not to bother Tate , it is just not allowed, unless he is just nicely sniffing at him, but he is not allowed to jump on him or chew at his neck or face, like he does to Kort.  Poor Kort, it is kind of payback as that is what he did to Tate years ago.  Kort has told Lync off numerous times if he gets too rough, play styles between retrievers & collies are very different, collies are not in your face kind of dogs, they don't want physical contact, they like to chase & be chased. 

I have been doing beginners obedience work with Lync still, his official puppy class begin in January, how fun!  I think he is going to make a very attentive, quick to learn dog.

So that's it, my Christmas story, god willing next year will be filled with nothing but peace & joy & lots of money hahaha!


Dianne SS said...

Well you and both eh? Dave's still in hospital. Don't know if they will let him go home yet, as they say he has a touch of pneumonia and that he had a heart attack at some point, sometime between last week and last January. I got a lawyer's bill for over $52,000, which almost gave me a heart attack. This whole business of the farm is sitting like an albatross on my shoulders, and there's no way around the fact that I am going to have to sell some land to pay the bills :( I'm not in much of a Christmas mood either--going through the motions too. But I wish you a Merry Christmas my friend, with the fervent wish that 2014 will be an improvement over this year!! xoxo

Dianne SS said...

That should read, "Well you and me both, eh?"

oddman said...

Don't worry, Kort and Lync will figure out a playing style together. Buzz wasn't in-your-face either at first, but he's adapted to Andre and they are both rough-n-tough! Not your typical Sheltie.
Keep your chin up.