Saturday, December 7, 2013

Day 17

This picture is from Jan 1 2012 :)


It is soooo cold here, reminds me of Thunder Bay in January!!  It has been -46C with the windchill, & that is nasty cold.
The poor dogs haven't been walked in days.  I am not going out to walk them as I can't breathe in this cold, & I am not asking my friends to walk in it either!  Tate is ok, he sleeps alot anyway, but poor Kort is bored.  I've been doing things with him like practicing his scent articles & other obedience type games .
Perkins is here for a few days & he hates this cold weather, so he couldn't care less if he walked, he is happy curling up with Brad or myself, or in his comfy dog bed.

The insurance adjuster did not call me yesterday, no surprise there.  Whatever, my van is a write off so it doesn't matter anyway.

I've been having some bad nights, last night I just started to cry, not really sure over what, everything I guess.  Just trying to get through the days right now, some days are better then others.  It's probably just that I've been in pain every day for 17 days, ugh

Lync will be here in a week, then I won't have time to cry over anything , lol!

I am invited out to Liz's for a craft day tomorrow,  Amanda is picking me up, I can't tell you how excited I am !! Getting out of the house will be good for me :)

My dogs need to be groomed, I am not exaggerating.  Kort is not bad as he had a bath last month, but Tate is in horrible shape.  I didn't bath him last month thinking I would wait until the week before Christmas,  it is hard on him to stand in the tub for long so I was going to get Amanda to help me.  Now that I am hurt I can't do it, & he is full of undercoat, I have to get it out of him , I don't want him getting hotspots due to old coat sitting against his skin.  It is uncomfortable & itchy as well.
This alone frustrates me so much, I need to be better all ready!!! I am going to try & comb some out of him today, but it is a big job & I'm not sure how far I will get.

Ok, off to have some breakfast :)


Squishy said...

I remember I had to hire a friend to come and groom my 7 collies. I just couldn't stand it and it was in June so they were all shedding. That, not being able to pick up my yard and just doing stuff for myself in general was really hard. It suck so I know how you want to get better quick. Sorry on your van and I can't wait to hear about Lync coming home.

Dianne SS said...

Maybe Amanda will still help you bathe Tate--like maybe next week, before Lync arrives?!? Other wise, just do a little at a time, a little a day--don't overdo or you'll be in worse shape again. Doing a little at a time will get the job done. I need to bathe Duffy but it's so cold now, I'll have to wait. The craft day will be fun!! Cut yourself some slack, not everything has to be done not does it have to be done perfectly. I had to learn that this summer and fall. You do what you can, when you can. xoxo


We sure hope the weather warms up for you. Dog Dad used to live in ND, so he knows what that cold weather is like.

Wonder if you they have a plug in for collies?


Michelle Larson said...

I wish I was closer :o( I would come do Tate for you

onecollie said...

Michelle he's about 5 hrs of work!

Diana said...

I'm so sorry. Sometimes you need to cry. Maybe if you look at it as " I will be feeling better by January ? ", then you will stop looking at everyday that you have pain as a set back. It takes 6-8 weeks for bone to heal and since your brake is in a place that can't be casted, you will have way more pain , because it will move when you move. I know this isn't helpful but maybe you need to do a stationary hobby. So many people like knitting, there are tons of help with it on the internet too. Get some books you've always wanted to read but haven't had time. Sorry , just trying to help and maybe it's not have fun today.

WigglyZack said...

I can help bath and groom Tate for you if you like Jolene. I used to groom my sheltie and you can watch me and make sure I am doing it the way you want to.
I can also pick you and Tate up and drive you to wherever or we can do it at my house or yours if you like.

onecollie said...

Diana....thanks for your suggestions, it is actually not so bad being at home, the forced rest is good for me! I am being ridiculously impatient, I am going to try & stop that thinking today!

Lisa...thank you so much for your offer, I could not do that however, Tate is difficult due to his age, he needs to relax & settle before I can work on him, hard to explain but I wouldn't ask anyone to work on him as it is much too time consuming, I will get it figured out, got some of his tail done yesterday lol!