Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Day 19

Still no word from my insurance adjuster.  He told me he would call me last Friday.  I called him on Monday, he didn't return my call.  Today I called my insurance broker, she said she would call him & see what is going on, that was at 11:30, it's now 2:30, nothing.
I am going to get a rental vehicle if they ever call me back.  I think I should be ok to drive myself to my chiropractor appointments which are once a week.  Today Amanda is taking me, this is my first appointment since the accident.

It would also be nice to be able to get to the grocery store on my own.

We have no working vehicles right now, Old Blue is still sitting here with a frozen fuel line.  Unless we get it into a heated garage I doubt it will thaw out.  Brad goes back to work on Friday so we have 2 days to figure this out.

You know we went for years and years with no trouble in the winter, this year all we have had is one set back after another.  This is also the most snow & cold we have had this early in the season as well, figures.

I managed to get Kort brushed yesterday, he took no time or effort as he was bathed last month.  Today I started to work on Tate, now he is a job & a half!  I got quite a bit done on him as well, I just sat on the kitchen floor &  it wasn't too hard on my chest , I'll give him, & me, a days break then do a bit more.


Dianne SS said...

I think your insurance adjuster and my lawyer must be related. Waiting, waiting, hearing nothing, no response to communications. Sheesh!! Good plan with Tate!! Wish I could send you a vehicle, but they are tied up in litigation! :(

onecollie said...

it's so damn frustrating isn't it Dianne!! I tried to be patient, now I'm annoyed

WigglyZack said...

Jolene, if you ever need a ride anywhere to the grocery store (or I can get your groceries for you) let me know. If I am not at work I don't mind at all and I am around this weekend if you want to get out somewhere.

onecollie said...

thank you Lisa !