Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!!

It's Christmas morning, I'm sitting here with the dogs, relaxing while waiting for Brad to wake.
I'm feeling so blessed as I just watched Kort initiate, & play, with Lync ♥  It wasn't easy for Kort at first as he is my baby boy, he loves me like no other dog before him has.
I usually decide it is time to add a new dog to the pack about every 5-6 years.  We all know the average life span of a collie is about 13 years, Tate will be 12 in April, I'm praying he will be here to celebrate next Christmas with us.  But if it is not Gods will, Kort won't be alone, as he will have Lync for companionship.

It is a bloody miracle Lync is even here with our family!! Wow, what a roller coaster that was.  He was mine, then he wasn't , then he was, then I had the accident!  He is here now & he's here to stay ♥

Perkins is here for Christmas again.  I have been lax in posting about Perkins! But I have a picture ! Amanda took this last night as the boys were waiting for Santa :)
I think this is the 5th Christmas Perkins has spent with us! We love him & think of him as ours when he is here.

Lync and Perkins waiting for Santa :)
Merry Christmas Everyone!


Diana said...

Merry Christmas!!!

Squishy said...

A very wonderful Christmas for you! Love the Perkins pic!

Marquie J. said...

Aww, what a sweet photo! I'm so glad you finally have your Lync, he looks like a sweetheart. I'm glad Kort is warming up to him. :) I hope you all had a Merry Christmas!


Pawsome pawtograph.

Happy Colliedays