Friday, December 13, 2013

Good Things Happening

Things now are suddenly moving fast.

FINALLY got a call from my insurance adjuster yesterday.  A cheque will be sent at some point next week, so that means I can give Rick some money & hopefully then he will start back up on fixing my van.  Now if the personal claim adjuster would return my call all will be well in the world lol!

We were not able to afford the $800 to replace the fuel pump in Old Blue so right now I am again waiting for the tow truck to tow it back to our house from the garage.
A driver will be picking me up to take me back to Canadian Tire to pick up Brad's Oldsmobile that had a new starter put in it.  We are going to try & find tires at a scrap yard as it would cost about $300 to get 4 new ones, hopefully the roads will remain dry so Brad will be safe driving the hour to & from work until we can find some.

Liz stopped by & brought some raw food to get me started with Lync who is coming on Sunday!!

Lync loves to run!

She brought Larkin for a visit and Tate & Kort enjoyed seeing her. She is just so adorable!! I just love her.

Larkin playing with Salander

Yesterday afternoon I decided I needed to get into the rental van & go for a short drive.  I did very well, a bit more cautious then I needed to be, but all in all I was so happy to be driving!  It is uncomfortable to shoulder check so I will not be making a habit of driving yet, only if I need to get out for groceries, dog supplies, or a Dr appt.  Other then that I am staying put until I heal.
The rental is so fun!  It is brand new & fancy!  The gear shift is up on the dash board by the steering wheel!  It has Sirius radio so I have a gazillion channels to choose from.  The only thing I do not like is it does not have winter tires & I can really tell the difference.  Our side roads are never plowed so the van has alot of trouble getting through the slushy thick mess.
I can hardly wait to have my van back with the winter tires on it.

So hurray for a "positive" post !! 


Squishy said...


Dianne SS said...

So good to hear of some positive stuff happening--finally eh????!!!I hope you don't get all the snow we have been having up here--it's awful. They aren't cleaning anything and just putting dribbles of sand here and there. It's a night mare. I told Lin about your accident and she said Whoop-up is awful and was sorry to hear about your accident. She dislocated her shoulder falling on the icy sidewalk 3 weeks ago!! You folks in Lethbridge take care!!

Diana said...

The puppy pictures are awesome !! Glad things are getting better. I was thinking of something. Maybe one of your friends can start you a donation fund with a paypal acct so people can donate money to you to help get your cars fixed and new tires. Lots of people read blogs and would probably help you out. We all need help sometimes. Just something to think about.

onecollie said...

hi Diana
that would be nice wouldn't it...but I would never do, just not my nature. I am sure everything will work out, it always does somehow, although it sucks when it doesn't!