Monday, December 9, 2013


Ok, the countdown is on for Lync to come home.....finally!! Weather permitting Judy will pick me up on Sunday & we are going out to Cowley for some training & socialization.  Then that is it, Lync comes back home with me!  It can't happen soon enough.  I think Lync will bring years of joy into our family :)

I know Judy is going to miss him so much! but what a lucky guy to have 3 families he is comfortable in. Talk about a great temperament.

I am hoping to get out again on Thursday to Liz's for a photo shoot.   I have been trying to get pictures done of Tate, Kort & Lync but the weather has just been way too nasty, so Andy is going to help me out!  I don't have any recent pictures of Lync so it will be so fun!  I am going to see if Brad will drive me seeing as he is off, then maybe I can convince him to get in a few shots , a real family portrait!

No more news on either of my vans, I have called twice to my adjuster but so far no returned call.  I am hopeful there is much progress on my "new" van as well.  I feel I need to drive again as soon as I can to get over my fears.

This morning Brad got stranded at work again.  His Oldsmobile that he got on the road wouldn't start, not even kidding!  He had to get it towed home.  So now we have a van that has a frozen fuel line & an Oldsmobile that needs a starter, thank god Brad is off now for 4 days.


Paws on the Run said...

Yay for the family photos! That will be fantastic!

Diana said...

I cant wait to see the pictures!!