Thursday, December 5, 2013

Day 15

Cursed :(

You know I'm not sure just how much more we can take , Brad & I .

I woke up this morning to the phone ringing, Brad is stuck at work, 1 hour away after working his 12 hour shift last night.  The gas line in his vehicle froze, we are having a -46 windchill & he didn't have gas line antifreeze in the van.  He is waiting for AMA to come out & tow him home.  We don't have the plus membership so we will have to pay for the extra milage.
He had to book off of work tonight as well, so that is about $200 or so less on his cheque that we can't afford.

It is easy for people to say , "look at the bright side" but I'm sorry, I am having a hard time seeing any bright side right now.


Dianne SS said...

Talk about a run of bad luck :( I'm really sorry Jolene. Wish there was something I could do. Dave has a saying, "Good thing there are 2 kinds of luck--bad and none at all." That about sums things up.

Squishy said...

I will be one of those persons.....This. Too. Shall. Pass. And I love you lots.

manymuddypaws said...

Sometimes there is no bright side Jo.

I am sorry that things are so awful right now.

Know that you have many friends who are willing to help however we can.

Koping Weims said...

Ah that sucks bright side to it at all...did you get the van going now ?


onecollie said...

No Julia, still frozen solid :(