Friday, December 6, 2013

Day 16

Brad's van is still frozen solid, the temperature here will have to get up above 0 in order for the fuel line to thaw out, right now we are at -45C with the windchill so that is not going to happen anytime soon I'm afraid.
Brad has gotten his Oldsmobile out that he had parked for the winter, it needs a new starter  but because it is so cold it will start now.  I don't understand it really but something gets stuck when it's hot out.  This car does not have winter tires or good heat, but it will get him to work right now anyway.

I finally got in touch with my insurance adjuster yesterday, he did not know yet what they will offer me for Johnny, he did confirm however that it is indeed a write off :(
I told him I want to keep Johnny for parts & then he said I have to pay a 10-12% salvage fee, seriously?  What the hell ?
He was supposed to call me this morning to let me know the figures, but right now it is 3o'clock & I still haven't heard a thing.
I did phone Rick though to tell him he can start on my "new" van as I can keep Johnny for parts, so as far as I know he has begun work.
Brad & I need to go out there again on Brad's next day off as I still have a crate & an ex-pen in it. I am going to take some pictures of it if I remember.

I had a fantastic night last night, I had no pain at all & I was so excited, but this morning I woke up with throbbing pain!! I guess the pain killers are doing a great job keeping me pain free & because I have stopped waking up every 4 hours to take them, I am quite sore in the morning. I know , it takes time :) ya ya

A friend of mine posted yesterday that there is black ice on Whoop Ice , that makes me so angry!!! Whoop Up was where I hit black ice, what is wrong with this city??? why won't they sand there?  I hope no one else got hurt  :(

Perkins arrived today to stay for a few days, he is not a fan of this cold weather, poor guy!

Joanne got home from the hospital yesterday, she is doing pretty good, in pain of course, but at least she is home & the surgery is over.  On the day of her surgery she & her family were supposed to going to Jamaica, poor kids where so bummed out.  They were smart & bought accident & illness cancellation insurance so they will go when Joanne is up to it in the New Year.

That's all the updates for today


Dianne SS said...

As we know from FB, your misfortunes weren't over yet--i.e. the hot water heater. I don't get the salvage fees thing--it's your vehicle. Insurance companies are just like the government--always taking a cut of something they did nothing to earn. Can't do much from up here, but send you (((HUGS))).

onecollie said...

I will gladly take those hugs! thanks my friend :)


Sending some warm thoughts your way to thaw out that fuel line.