Sunday, December 1, 2013

Day 11

Lync with me at 3 weeks ♥

 Today Joanne will have the surgery to remove the cancerous mass in her back.  We are all so worried about her as we pray for a good outcome.  At times like this I wish I had an abundance of wealth so I could go home to be with Joanne & my mom, I hate being here having to wait by the phone, I would rather be by their side :(

Yesterday morning Brad &  I went out to the place where my van is.  I got out, took one look & started to cry.  It is horrible the damage that was done, I am grateful to be injured as little as I am.  It is also hard to see something you took great pride in destroyed.  Brad & I have worked so hard for any money we have, this is only the second vehicle I have ever owned & I took such good care of it, it was supposed to last me years.  The damage was greater then we thought. It can't be fixed. Rick is the guy we have trusted to help us.  When we moved to Lethbridge in 2007 my old Aerostar couldn't pass the out of province inspection.  It had a hole in the under carriage.  A guy at Brads workplace suggested Rick.  He fixed the under carriage for us & we passed the out of province inspection.
Rick does not advertise his business, it is ALL word of mouth.  He is an honest guy who helps people out when he can.  He has agreed to take payments of whatever Brad & I can afford to fix my van.
So when Brad & I got there & he told me he could not fix "my" van afterall I was devastated.   He did however have a solution.
My mom & sister sent Brad & I some money to get started on repairs.  Rick found a 2002 Dodge Caravan, that was in relatively good shape, & bought it to originally use for the parts.  Now however we are going to fix this van for me to use.  Rick is going to take the engine out of  Johnny, ( my vans name :) ,  & put it in the other van.  Johnny only has 80,000 km on it.  The other van is rusted on the front hood & all the wheel covers , so Rick will take all those parts from Johnny as well & put them on the other van.
The interior of the other van is horrid, but that is a minor thing.  It will have to be professionally cleaned though before I can put anything in it.  The entire windshield needs to be replaced as well, not sure how I will afford that, but it is entirely cracked so it is a must. Rick will also need to remove other areas of rust on the new van but that is his specialty so I am not worried.  He will then need to paint the new van as Johnny was silver & the new van is blue, another blue van , my Aerostar was blue.

The good thing about the new van  is it is an extended van so I will have more room in the back for my crates !  I also noticed some gadgets on the ceiling, I haven't been able to figure out what those are for as I really didn't look that closely.  I was having a hard time looking at this piece of junk & seeing the vision that Rick was .

When we got home from Ricks it was time for my visit with Lync !  He lifted my spirits for sure.  He stayed for 2 1/2 hrs & it was great fun.
I was ready to lay down after though as I'm afraid I did too much in the morning.  I took all the stuff out of Johnny to bring home, I should have waited for Brad but he was in talking to Rick & I just wanted to be alone , outside, with Johnny.  Please don't laugh at me ok, I really am upset about my van.  Please don't tell me that it is just an object, it is replaceable, I know that, I'm not an idiot, but it was "my" object.

Too many bad things happening all at once, I just need time to become my old self again.

Thanks for reading :)


Sharrie said...

Others understand about the "too many things at one time" thing. We are in one of those periods, too. We just have to believe that "this too will pass". I hope for you and yours that it happens soon. You have had enough for now! I am sure that Linc is a real spirit lifter. What a cutie!

WigglyZack said...

You and your family have been through so much - it doesn't seem fair :(

margaret minetti said...

i understand i had a bad year last year, cancer, losing 3 dogs, 2 were very young. was a bitter woman for awhile, getting better, takes time. i had a vw beetle i felt that way about, made me smile just to look at it! i am glad you got your flattie, soon to be home with u i hope. i have 3 flatties, love them to pieces.

Squishy said...

Awwwwwhhhhhh what a tough day. Things really will get better. You'll get a vehicle back, Lync will come home and your sister will be home recovering. Keep your chin up ok??? Love you!

Collie222 said...

We have been having a very rough time too. I hope things start to get better for you, soon!

Tammy Taylor said...

I cried over my old rusty dog van when the engine blew...I can only imagine the emotions after a scary accident like yours.

One day and one step at at time works to get this family through bad times. Good luck and prayers to you and your sister.

Diana said...

Oh I'm so sorry. It's ok to cry over your van. I hope Rick can fix the new van up so you don't feel like its junk.