Sunday, December 8, 2013

Day 18

Today I went to Liz's to do some crafts.  I have never been a very crafty person but at Christmas I enjoy making things .  With Liz's help making the cutouts I made some tree ornaments & a wooden Merry Christmas sign.
It was great to be out of the house & in company of good friends, & Flatcoats! 

When Amanda picked me up to drive me there this morning it was cold & snowing.  The drive to Liz's is about 45 minutes on the highway.  We had barely even started out, & had just turned on to the highway, when I had a bit of a panic attack & even started to cry .  I was looking at the road & all I could think of was that it could be black ice.  I have driven for over 25 years & I have never panicked in a vehicle.  It took me quite by surprise .   I guess I have more then physical things to overcome :(
This morning when Brad got home from work, & I woke up when he came in, I was having a dream that my car was sliding backwards down an icy hill , at the bottom I hit a snowbank.  It was a horrible dream.  The dream, & my reaction to being on the highway today, tells me I may be more traumatized then I even realized. 
I felt really silly to tell you the truth, but my reaction was real. I was fine on the way home from Liz's which I was happy about. 

So here are my finished products from today , I have to tell you the tri colour collie was hard for me to get right, but I'm pretty pleased with it!  The pictures do not do them justice, you will have to trust me :)


Dianne SS said...

Pretty normal reactions, I think. If you were all blasé about things I'd be worried!! I think this will stick with you for the rest of your life and make you more cautious than ever--it did me after I hit black ice and went into the median ditch. It might have helped if you had been able to drive right after, but of course you couldn't. It will take time--all part of the healing and you're probably way less of a scardy cat than I am! :)

I love the crafts--very cool items!!

Diana said...

Those turned out really nice.
I think your reaction was completely normal and will take time to get over that feeling. But hopefully everytime you drive or get in the car it will get better.

Squishy said...

I love your doggie crafts and I'm glad you felt better coming back then going. It's like getting thrown from a horse. You get back on but you may not be happy about it. And you may not be happy about it for a long time, but you aren't going to get over it if you don't get back on. One day at a time my friend! You are doing great and good to cry when you need to or feel fear.