Friday, December 27, 2013


Lync at 4 months taken by Amanda Labadie

It's been nice that my friends are are holidays right now, I've been getting out for lots of fun walks.  On Christmas Day I joined Judy with Kona, Lync's mom, & Maizie,  one of Judy's other Flatcoats, for a run in the Coulees.  The wind was horrible with gusts of 92 km!!! The dogs didn't care though, so Judy & I plugged away.  Lync had great fun chasing all the dogs up & down the Coulees.  It was about an hours walk & he wasn't even tired!

Yesterday I met up with Amanda at a local park, she took some pictures of Lync for me & showed me some ideas to help me walk him as he is quite strong, & I don't have much strength in my upper body yet.

Today we headed out to Blazingstar where Andy volunteered to take portrait type photos of the dogs for me.  I have been wanting some for awhile now, especially given Tate's age, & now with Lync joining the family I wanted some nice ones I can frame of all 3 of them.  I can't wait to see them!!

Today is an absolutely gorgeous day here, yes it's windy, it's always windy here if it's warm.  I was out today in just a hoodie , imagine that, the 27th of December &  in a hoodie!  However we are in for quite the storm overnight, temperatures dropping to the -25 range, blizzard conditions with blowing snow, accumulations of about 10 cm.  Yuk!!

I have to bring my rental van back tomorrow, I've used up all the days on my insurance & can't afford to pay for it myself :((  So I will be without wheels again.
 I talked to Rick, he is hoping my van will be done in a week.  I hope so too!! seeing as he is leaving on holidays for a month!

Lync was very proud of his stick, taken by Amanda Labadie


Squishy said...

Oh the wind.......I lived in it most of my life in So. Calif. and in the High Desert. It's not windy here. Love the pics of Lync. Glad you had help with him and can't wait to see the other photos. Hope your van comes home soooooon!!!

Dianne SS said...

Sad that you had to turn the van already :( Here's hoping yours is ready very soon!! We have so much wind up here now, that we never used to have.