Monday, December 30, 2013

Busy Busy

This morning Kort, Lync & I went for another off leash run in the Coulee's with Judy & her 2 Flatcoats.  It is fun to watch Lync running up & down the hills chasing after the big guys. He had so much fun!

In the afternoon Liz, Lync's breeder picked us up for some training.  Lync is entered in the baby puppy class at the AKC show in January so we figured we should do a bit of training :)
We let Lync & Larkin , Liz's Flatcoat puppy, burn off some steam first by having a play session, then it was down to business.  Lync did so well!  He stood beautifully & held his stack.  He gaited around with Liz & didn't try & jump up or anything, he was a little pro.
I am really liking how he is looking, he is sturdy & sound, his coat glistens.  I am excited by him .

It was a big day for the little guy so he is crashed out sound asleep, that is wonderful as it gives me some time to get stuff done :) like blogging!


WigglyZack said...

Sounds like he is a little gem. I am so happy for you after all what you have been through.

Diana said...

Sounds wonderful!

Dianne SS said...

Sounds like Lync is everything you hoped for and more!! ♥♥

Tammy Taylor said...

I will get to see him in real life then. So love the baby puppies!


Link sounds pawsome. Hope you have a barky new year.


Squishy said...

Ok, this was the comment about the AKC show!!! So. Much. Fun!!!