Sunday, December 29, 2013

Two Weeks

 Today is 2 weeks since Lync came home.

It is fun to have a totally different temperament here then what I am used to.  He is exactly what I thought a Flatcoat would be like.  He is confident & outgoing. He is not afraid of stairs or floors or jumping up on the bed, missing & falling off.  He just trys again.  He is stubborn & can be a greedy guts, if one of the other dogs has a toy he wants he just runs & grabs it from them , he is learning this is not allowed lol!

He is much quieter & calmer then I expected.  If I am tired & I don't feel like doing stuff he relaxes beside me & sleeps. He is an awesome dog in his crate, & goes quietly to bed when it is time, & does not make a peep until about 8 am.  He is learning jumping on the counter is not allowed, & jumping up for his food bowl gets him nowhere.

He is slowly learning Tate is off limits, unless Tate initiates first.  Tate is funny, if he is laying upstairs & Lync even sniffs him, he will go downstairs & hide, he was like that with Kort as well so it's nothing against Lync :)

Kort is finally getting better with Lync, Collies do not lick faces in play like the Flatcoats do, & they don't like it either, so Lync had a few lessons in acceptable Collie play.  Kort is now initiating play with Lync more & more & I am thrilled.  I always felt bad for Kort when I brought him home as a puppy.   Tate was not a player, he never ever played with poor Kort, Kort loves to play , he is a big puppy at heart.  He now has a playmate to grow old with & keep him company. ♥

I am excited to train Lync, I am not a fan of dog training, I love the end result, I just dislike getting there, but training Lync feels different. I get a chance to have a "do over", to get it right this time.  I know the mistakes I made with Kort in his early training & I won't make those mistakes again.

Anyway, the last two weeks have flown by, can't wait for the next two!


manymuddypaws said...

He is a most awesome puppy. Just the right amount of naughty, ;)

Collie222 said...

I hope you enjoy every minute - even the training! They are puppies for such a short time!

Squishy said...

He sounds so cute & perfect! I do have my collies licky licky in the face if they are the submissive ones. Sage does that to Ty & some of the others. Where is his AKC show???