Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Day 14

2 week Anniversary today of the accident.....

How am I today, lets see.
Tired of waiting for  people to decide the fate of  Johnny & whether they will let me keep it for parts.  Apparently the adjuster saw my van 2 days ago but no one has even called me.  I just happened to call Rick today & he says" so what did they decide"
Just waiting now for a call back because of course no one ever answers their phones, always an answering machine, sigh.

Other then that I am still in pain, I keep trying to stop my pain medication.  I want to see if I still need them, yup, still need them !  I am happy to be at home.  I do not even feel like going back to work, my Dr. has put a possible return to work as January 6, we will see.  The way I feel right now I can't even imagine working.  I know I am doing things around the house, and maybe it seems like I could work,  but it takes me forever & it is not without pain!!  It takes me about 20 minutes just to shower, everything has to be done is slow motion right now.
I am thankful that Brad has returned to work and he is making enough money to keep us going until some of my benefits kick in. 

I am having trouble getting the accident visions out of my head, especially at night.  I keep seeing the slide happening, I remember thinking that day, "wow I am way to close to the guard rail, how the heck did I get here?"  Then I remember hitting the concrete wall, but I do not know how I got across the road.  I wonder if I will ever remember ?? I doubt it.

My sister Joanne is doing awesome!! They may even let her out of the hospital today!!  We are so excited about her progress!  She is so strong, stronger then me ♥

So fingers crossed that I will hear from the insurance soon & work can begin again on getting a vehicle for me , I'm going to need one more then ever once Lync comes home, & hopefully the pain will subside soon so I can actually drive lol!


manymuddypaws said...


It is slow progress- for all of those things.

Insurance, Your Healing- both mentally and physically, and the vehicle.

But it will get there, take as much time as you need Jo. And I am here if you need to talk you know!

Koping Weims said...

Slow and steady Jo will win this race...I know the insurance process can take time but do remember these adjusters have hundreds and I do mean hundreds of files on their desks right now..easy to hate insurance and the process but 2013 has been a brutal year...Hang in there on yourself too...don't rush it you will get can call on me for need a ride I can take a break from work if needed...think of the good things...your sister is doing are have lots for friends to help you and care about you...and yup you have a little black bundle of love coming your way very soon...