Monday, December 16, 2013

He's Home ♥

Yesterday was the day, Lync came home!!

Judy picked me up at 8am & off we went to Cowley for the SAWHDA Christmas Party.  They had tons of games planned for puppies as well as older dogs.  It was alot of fun & felt good to be out working with Lync.  He was amazing in the building.  He worked on walking by my side, his sits, downs & stands , as well as a bit of show type training.  I am amazed by what a stable temperament he has.  He even sat in the ex pen quietly when I was doing other things.

This great temperament is genetic yes, but also has so much to do with the the wonderful socializing he received from the time he was born. Liz works very hard with her puppies to insure they are able to go out into the world head on without too much trouble.  I have to give thanks also to Judy who has cared for Lync these past 3 weeks after my accident.  She played a huge role in him being the good boy that he is as well!

Handsome Lync at 4 months

Last night was a bit chaotic as to be expected.  Lync was in a relatively new environment, he had only been here twice before.  Tate & Kort were a little off , at one point I had Tate trying to crawl up into my lap, Kort was inches from my face hyperventilating & Lync was sitting there staring at me lol! I was like ok guys, give me some breathing room!!  Eventually things calmed down.

Lync had a big day yesterday so after some snuggle time on the bed with Brad & I , I put him in his crate with a chewie for the night.  It was 9pm.  I got up to go to the washroom about 1am & he didn't make a peep, Brad got up at 4am for work, at that point Kort started to walk around , Lync whimpered a bit but I waited it out to see if he needed to go out, or he was just wanting to be with Kort.   He eventually laid back down & slept until I got up at 8 am!  I hope this is our routine everyday :)

We worked a bit on our perch work then about 11 I took Kort out for a walk by himself, leaving Lync in his crate with a kong, he cried when I walked in the house but I'm not sure if he cried the whole time I was gone.  Then I took Lync & Tate out together, it went very well, Lync is a puller & is strong already so I need to work on that for sure.  We saw big city work trucks pumping out a drain & Lync just watched them.  We met up with the mail carrier who gave the boys a cookie, they liked that.  Then I stopped on the corner by my house & did some sit, down, stand work while the cars whizzed by, he had great focus.
We came home & it was time for his lunch, & now he is soundly sleeping at my feet.

Later I will take him in the van & go visit the girls at work & stop into a couple of the pet stores .

So, a very good first day I think!


Rebecca Epperly said...

So happy that Lync is now home!! He is one gorgeous pup, and I'm looking forward to watching him grow.
~Rebecca & Teach

Collie222 said...

Congratulations! So happy you have your boy home!

Dianne SS said...

Very, very happy for you that you finally have your heart's desire!! Love that stable temperament!! The collies were having an anxiety attack by the sounds of it! Hope Lync has continued to sleep through the night like that! Oh goody--another puller!! :)

Squishy said...

What is perch work? Even if you don't have a Christmas tree it's gotta feel like the best Christmas present ever to finally have him home.

onecollie said...

perch work is the most fantsdtic tool for obedience & rear end awareness, it is great for working on fronts & finishes but hard to explain so I will video it tomorrow for you!

Diana said...

Yay , so happy for you!!