Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Day 20

Today began with Brad trying to get Old Blue going, still no luck.  Rick had offered for us to tow it out there yesterday to see if it would help to thaw things out, when Brad called today he had changed his mind *sigh*, so I called my insurance adjuster AGAIN and left another message.  It is 1:30 & I called him at 10 am, do you think I'll hear from him today???

So Brad called AMA to tow the van to Canadian Tire, we called them at 11:30am , wait time was 2 hrs, it is now 3 hrs later & no sign of them *double sigh*
Then I called back to my own insurance company, she called back to say she had also left a message with my adjuster yesterday & he didn't even call her back.
This is just unacceptable, they need to at least make an effort to call & say, sorry, we're busy but we are working on your claim, anything but this. :(

The good news if that my insurance company gave me the go ahead to rent a vehicle without talking to the adjuster.  They are picking me up at 4 pm. I can now get myself out for groceries or to Drs appointments.
Brad will have a vehicle to get to work on Friday as we have no idea what is wrong with Old Blue, or how long it will take to fix it, or if we have the money to fix it.  I have to come up $150 for the rental too as we no longer have credit cards .  I'll just go to the money tree in the backyard, so no worries there.

I got the living room crate set up for Lync who is coming on Sunday, I switched Kort into a soft crate and gave Lync the Vari kennel.  Kort is so cute, he just loves to curl up & snuggle in a crate.

So that is about it today for the adventures of Jolene, stay tuned for more tomorrow

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