Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Getting into a Routine

Yesterday was a good day.  I am getting into a bit of a routine which keeps me sane :) 

I did some basic grooming type stuff on Lync yesterday.  Trimmed his ears & cut his nails.  He was NOT a fan of having his nails done, nothing serious, just normal puppy frustration at being asked to hold still for more then a second.  Once I started I didn't want to stop however, in my experience as a groomer it is better to be patient, even if you do one nail every 5 minutes, then to let a puppy get away with pulling & screaming, not allowed!! 

Later in the day I drove to my workplace for a visit, then off to a local pet shop for another visit.  It was a pretty full day for a baby.
Next week when it is time to do his nails I will get Amanda to help me, I have unfortunately pulled something in my chest & it hurts.  Yes, I should have know better, but again, I just didn't want Lync to win with that behavior.

Today when I got back to the house after Kort's walk Lync was screaming, I sure hope it is only when he hears me, I have a chiropractor appt. today & he is going to have to be in a crate for a couple of hours while I do other running around.  Brad is working so he won't bother him , but Kort & Tate will get stressed by the crying so I feel bad for them :(

I took Lync for a walk on his own today without Tate.  He was not as confident without another dog there!  He was really good for the majority of our walk, he got quite worried when a dog started barking off in the background. He folded his ears back & sat down.  I got him to move across the street & when he stopped with the worried look I got him to focus on some sits, & downs, he bounced back like a trooper.

Lync is a wonderful dog during the night, he is in his crate from 9 pm until 8-8:30 am.  This morning when Brad got out of bed at 4 am he didn't even whimper :) 

I am really enjoying the fun, happy nature he has !


Squishy said...

It's going to be fun to see how he differs from the collies. You need to take care of yourself! I like the idea of getting Amanda to help you trim his nails!

onecollie said...

yes, it was not the smartest thing to do & I am paying for it now but that's it, no more stupid things!!
Lync is soooo fun omg I love him!

Dianne SS said...

Don't overdo!!!!! Hope you learned your lesson!! :) Lync sounds so very different from collie pups--breed difference? He is so focused and that's what retrievers need to be, whereas collies as a herding breed, are always aware of and checking out their surroundings

Tammy Taylor said...

Oh I missed all your latest posts! So glad you are feeling better and have that beyond adorable baby home!

Take it easy and slow and enjoy. And keep posting photos LOL